Remarkbl provides Efficient and reliable vacuum products And vacuum solutions.


Zhuojie Vacuum, whose core technology originated from the UK, is the world's leading service provider of vacuum pumpsand vacuum technology solutions. It entered China in 2002 and establisheda manufacturing base of 10.000 square meters.


Zhuojie Vacuum, whose core technology originated from the United Kingdom, is the world's leading vacuum pump and vacuum technology solution service provider. We are committed to providing excellent vacuum products to users around the world. We not only have rotary vane vacuum pumps, claw vacuum pumps, and screw Vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, as well as vacuum leak detectors, mass spectrometers and other analytical testing tools. Since the development of rotary vane vacuum pumps, we have continued to provide excellent products and services for the global scientific instruments, coatings, semiconductors, automotive lithium batteries and other industrial fields, and have always represented the excellence and irreplaceability of the vacuum field.


Excellence Vacuum, based on the original intention of intensively cultivated in the vacuum industry, innovative British quality technology and leading solutions, provides excellent products and services for users in the vacuum industry around the world, achieves mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promotes global vacuum technology improvement.


Zhejiang Zhuojie Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. is the exclusive sales company of Zhuojie Vacuum in China. It is mainly responsible for product sales and after-sales service in mainland China. The company has stationed regional sales engineers and after-sales service engineers throughout the country.

From the UK

Vacuum rotary vane technology and innovative system design

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